Way Of The Wagon


  • Unity for building levels 
  • Inhouse game engine: Seos
  • Created in 14 weeks half-time.


A runner game where you play as a food deliverer. You have to steer your cart right in the turns so as not to collide. Pick up  foods in your cart with different colors, if you get 3 of the same color you get the highest temporary speed boost. 

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design 

Level design Colleague

Jonas Henriksson 

My work

This was my first project at TGA and I did the levels in between the other that had the town theme. I really think I captured the feeling of a town while still making it interesting with the mechanics.  I also did the concept of tutorial levels. 

I was mainly on the gameplay meetings of this game discussing the game mechanics.

Tutorial flowchart, describing how to introduce the player to different mechanics in the game. 

Runner game

To do a running game was very interesting the hardest part was to find that twist in the game to make it as fun as possible. 

We added the wagon to add an interesting part to the steering and also to pick up different foods for a speed boost. 

The color-coding of the foods gives a match 3 element to the game that everyone recognizes and gives the player a speed boost based on how many fruits of the same color the player has. The player can choose its own tactic when delivering them to the same colored delivery spots. 

I find it very good to look back at a game long after and take notes of what was good and what I could do better.  

One of the things I could do better was to make it a little easier but overall this game got very positive feedback.