Spite: Into the ratacombs


  • Unity for building levels 
  • Inhouse game engine: Seos
  • Created in 14 weeks half-time.


Top-down hack N' Slash game where a plague doctor must stop the pestilence from wiping out the whole humankind. 

The game is divided though 3 levels and a final bossroom. 

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design 

Level design Colleagues Mirelle Eriksson


Jonas Henriksson 

My work

My major responsibility was game design but in this project, I was also involved in art meetings to broaden my knowledge. 

I did the level between the other levels and it was my responsibility to seamlessly transition from the two environments. I liked the communication we had in the group and I think we succeeded in having an environment that was compliant throughout the experience.

I also did the final boss room. It was fun doing a smaller room with a focus on keeping the player interested.

Hack n' slash

Some of the challenges I faced was how to handle walls from an early stage in a top-down game. We had early meetings about this issue and I think we succeeded in tackling that problem from an early stage and making it easier for us in the long run. 

Balancing the enemies in the level was a challenging part because it was a hack N' slash game the enemies are quite frequent. 

If I could do something different it was making the enemies feel a bit more rhythmic, so the player never got bored and then you can twist the expectations in a fun way. 

Spite: Into the ratacombs
Spite: Into the ratacombs
Spite: Into the ratacombs
Spite: Into the ratacombs
Spite: Into the ratacombs