• Unity for building levels 
  • Inhouse game engine: Seos
  • Created in 10 weeks half-time.


Action-horror third-person game inspired by resident evil 2

The player has two modes on its weapon one for shooting regular ammo and the other one for shooting electricity on interactable panels to solve puzzles and progress through the level. There are two types of enemies: Zombots who have shields and robot dogs that are fast

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design 

Level design Colleagues Mirelle Eriksson


Jonas Henriksson 

My work

I was part of the development of the levels from paper design to the finished product.

We decided early that we as level designers wanted to rotate the levels so we could get a new point of view on them. 

as a game designer in this project, I did a lot of the metric tweaking and I also was responsible for the player feature gym keeping it updated throughout the development. I was also in the group that came up with game ideas and enemies.

Third person shooter (resident evil 2 )

The thing we really took inspiration from resident evil was resource management. We wanted the same feel in our game.

We wanted our own twist in the game and it was here our enemies took form. We added the weak points on the enemies to add excitement to the aiming.

The police station was my main inspiration for the last level, To have puzzles all-around a hub that you can return to, it's the only level with the keycard pickups that gives different gameplay from the rest of the levels.