• Tiled for building levels and attach patterns for enemies
  • Developed 8 weeks half time 
  • Visual studio and json files for playtesting early and tweaking metrics


A shoot them up game were you trying to solve the ocean from the pollution. You have to fight 4 different bosses in this game.

Main responsibilities

  • Level design 

Level design Colleague Gabriel Hector

My work

Our reference game to this was cuphead so I did a lot of research at the beginning of what made cuphead such a great game. It was here we decided to make several bosses and have an ultimate and that really added to the gameplay.

We used tiled to place enemies and also the enemy's shooting pattern.

We used visual studio to playtest early and also so we could change things like enemy speed etc. 

In this project, I was on the art and story task force to broaden my knowledge.