Kero Kero


  • Tiled
  • Game Engine: TGA 2D
  • Created in 8 weeks half-time.


Platform game with a main focus on player mechanics. The story of the game was told through gameplay. 

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design

Level design Colleague Alexander Sandén 

My work

My major responsibilities were Level design and Game design. I started by doing alot of research on different platform games no not "reinvent any wheels" 

A platform game called Celeste inspired this game.

We wanted to make our own twist on the game and ended up with an umbrella that makes the player float in the air. When we developed that mechanic everything else just fell into place like the flower fans.

I was also involved with the art and story for a small part of this project to get the experience of working with it. 

Platform Game

The biggest challenge was to make the player motivated throughout the experience. We tried different reward systems in the game and we ended up having a fruit, this worked and the player could see if any fruits were missing on a level. 

The mechanic with the umbrella gave this platform game a great twist. Everyone loved the mechanic and everything just came naturally when finding a mechanic that is so fun to play with.

Something we should have made differently was to not make the colors different because everything blended too much in with the background.