Dale the Dragon Detective - Murder on dungeon mountain


  • Unity for building levels
  • inhouse Game Engine: Seos
  • Created in 8 weeks


This was an exam project at TGA and we as Raveyard decided to do a 3D platformer with a lot of narrative design that would go together with the Level Design. In this project, we were inspired by Agatha Christie and dungeons & dragons.

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design

Level design Colleagues Mirelle Eriksson


Jonas Henriksson 

My work

My major responsibilities were Game design and level design in this project. We rotated the levels in this game so everyone could iterate on all the levels.

I was mainly on the gameplay meetings in this project and documenting the game design to make an easy structure for people to easily find information about different things in the game. 

In the levels a made a lot of secret paths to give the exploration players something to find and be excided about.

Platform Game

We knew early in the process of the game that we wanted to have a strong narrative design and we took a lot of inspiration from Agatha Christies Murder on the orient express. We had a great dialog editor provided by the programmers where we could change the text and have different colors. 

We had two different upgrades in the game and it was the flying mechanic and the grapple hook mechanic. The player unluck these abilities throughout the game, opening different parts up in the levels.

We had butterflies pickups and something I would do differently is to make a better reward for the player by picking them up, maybe better hats?