I am a Game & Level designer and have a huge passion for making games and overall entertainment. 

I have for a long time worked with people and have developed a good ability to see multiple perspectives and developed great communication skills. 

Sara Lövgren

I Am currently a Level designer at The Game Assembly. For the past 2 years of my education, I have developed 7 games and gotten considerably good at working in an agile process and keeping tight deadlines.

Before The Game Assembly I studied game design at Skurups folkhögskola, and there I made both digital and analog games.

I love attending game jams and before the pandemic I always went to all of the events, mingle nights and lectures about game development. I am committed to my role as a designer and want to evolve myself every day. 

I have had many different jobs in the past. I worked for a long time as an assistant to a social worker. I was the person to conciliate information between the social worker and the citizens. I really learned how to deliver information and make two parts understand each other

If you want to learn more about me or have any questions feel free to contact me!