Charons Labour


  • Unity for building levels 
  • Game engine: TGA 2D
  • Created in 5 weeks half-time.


A puzzle game where you have to lead Charon through the river Styx. Pick up the spirits along the way to return them to their rightful place. 

Main responsibilities

  • Puzzle design
  • Game design

Leveldesign colleaugue:

Mirelle Eriksson

My work

In this project, I was mainly involved with gameplay. The first thing I did after setting the frameworks for the game was to make a simple paper prototype to test some puzzle idea's 

Me and my level design coworker on this project decided to do as many puzzles as possible and just test them out. In the end, it was easy to conclude what puzzles were the best through a lot of playtesting. I think we got a nice progression of difficulty in this game.

Puzzle Design

The challenging part was to make a puzzle seem easy but be more complicated when the player sits down and play. 

I learned a lot by working with the controls on mobile.

The most exciting part of doing puzzle design is the fact that it feels like playing a very exciting puzzle to just design them. I found that when I had the best time designing the puzzles, the people playing them had at least as fun when they played the level. 

I have gotten great feedback after the game was released, every friend I showed it to has soon gotten addicted and finished the whole game. I always want feedback even after a release so I can improve where I need it.