In this post-apocalyptic world you only had your shed and car. Explore this decaying world using your car and with your skills. With the tools you can get to places no one has ever been. Find new parts and in the end you could maybe finally explore the blue city beyond the borders witch bridge broke a long time ago. 

Open world design 

My focus in this project was world design giving the player an open feeling.

I wanted to do an open experience for this project because I have done very linear experiences in the past and I wanted to show my level design skills in this project. I decided to tell my work with pictures and videos. 


What gave me inspiration is a game I played when I was very young. It's about Mulle meck who owns his own scrapyard and is building his car with the different things he gets from the yard. The game skill gates in an effective way by making the roads difficult and you have to build your car accordingly. A top-down game that gave me a lot of joy when I was younger, I wanted to capture that excitement by finding pickups to be able to upgrade my car.

Developing an idea

I started with doing a simple overview of what I wanted my game to be and to get the general flow of the map.

I made a spreadsheet with all the stuff I wanted with this level and to get a clear view for myself. When I was happy with my idea I started laying out a fast blockout in unreal engine if any basic shapes were missing I opened up maya to 3d model any missing shape. 


The first week of this project I started out with a simple spreadsheet laying out my idea. I made a presentation to my classmates, just showing what my intentions were with this project and also showing a very simple overview. 

Blocking the world

I starting blocking out my map in Unreal Engine using simple shapes to get the design tested out as soon as possible. I soon realized that it was a mess, I really wanted the post-apocalyptic feel but it became hard to navigate and through feedback, I started cleaning things up. I wanted some leading lines in the game and more framing of important objects.

Design by reduction 

At first, I had planned for having three different zones but in the end I decided to design by reduction. I got feedback that the place was too big and I started cleaning things up. 

I wanted all my focus on the areas I was most proud of.

The hub iteration

I started out with the base being in the middle of the level, I wanted the base of the game not to be far away at any point, I placed it in the middle and started building the world around it but the goal of the game became unclear. I wanted more leading lines and the goal of the game to be undoubted.  

I changed the position of the hub to the far rights side, closer to the goal of the game giving the player a clear objective and it also made a better flow in the level. 

I designed an establishing shot of the goal from the base. 

Simple scrapyard:

Cleaning things and more form:



In this part of the game I wanted to give the player the feeling of exploring a scrapyard. When you arrive at the scrapyard you are presented with the goal of a pickup. 

I use the tree as a focal point and bait for the player and then reveals softly the scrap yard, giving the player that little extra surprise of discovering a new place. 

Game design with the goal of reaching a larger target group

My thought with the upgrades originally was to have a match 3 element to the game. Match 3 games have become very popular among the general public and therefore I wanted to incorporate it into a third-person game. This way I intended to show how I want to broaden the type of gamers that's gonna be interested in the game. 

I wanted to have pickups in the form of different gear parts that you had to have three of the same color to be able to upgrade the car.

I want to develop this idea further in the future and script up a system with the gears, also script more upgrades ut the car and of course make the world bigger!

Some Extra stuff I made in this project: 

  • Scripting of pickups
  • Construction scripts

What I learned 

This was my last project in the portfolio and a lot of stress was involved. I found that some parts of my development were a mess and if I could do it all over again I would make things cleaner and also not have art and just do the blocking and keeping it there throughout the process. I think I do deliver a special feeling in this project and the feedback I've gotten is that it really feels like a real place that the space planning was good. The scrapyard was people's favorite place and the level design with the gameplay was fun and interesting. 

In the end, it was a lot I could improve like the general gameplay and the level design could be better if I had kept the blocking for a longer period of time. I the future I want to continue with this project and do it as intended from the beginning and start over some processes doing it even better, improved and more optimized. I learn from every experience and it is was intended to do every day with game development