Temple of Chakram 


  • Tiled for building levels
  • Game engine: TGA 2D
  • Created in 14 weeks half-time.


Top-down action game where you have a chakram as a weapon. The three trials have to be defeated to get out of the dungeon. 

Main responsibilities

  • Game design
  • Level design 

Level design Colleagues William Fredriksson


Emil Marris

My work

My major responsibilities were Level design and Game design.

I made testing metrics easier by doing a separate room just to test different mechanics in the game. I did tweaking on player and enemy metrics as well. 

We had 3 different levels in the game and a hub. All three levels had their own focus area.

I did level 3 and the focus in this map was movement and also the upgrade you got in the middle of the level changing how to play it.